Porto Vista Hotel
1835 Columbia Street
San Diego, CA 92101
tel: (619) 544-0164
fax: (619) 237-9940

A Taste Of Europe In The Heart Of San Diego's Little Italy
Step through the doors of the Porto Vista Hotel and find your
sense of place in San Diego with your own taste of Europe.
Just outside, a charming stretch of Little Italy shops
slopes gently down toward the harbor.
Inside, you find yourself surrounded by a classic 60's
Mediterranean vibe, all at once vintage and modern.
Here, you're free to loosen your collar, let down your hair,
and soak in the vital boutique hotel energy in a charming
European Village.
Join the stylish neighborhood crowd sipping cocktails on the
4th floor restaurant terrace. Go for a walk and discover
your favorite new restaurant. Or, simply breathe in the
inspired air of the city neighborhood.